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Resetting the Workspace in embeddedCAD

Problem: EmbeddedCAD or inCad menus have become “Mixed up” so that they are no longer shown in the expected order.  Some menus may also be duplicated so that the second edition of the menu fails to launch commands:


This can be resolved by resetting the Workspace so that menus and all workspace elements are rebuild from the “MSEMBED.CUIX” workspace.

Open the "Customize" command from the workspaces tool icon at the bottom right corner of the screen:


Right click on the "INCAD" item in the listing and select the option to "Restore MSEMBED.CUIX:"



Pick "Continue"


Pick "OK"


Once the dialog closes your workspace will be rebuild in its “Factory Fresh” configuration.

Although in some cases you may find some menus are still “Doubled up.”  In the example above the “MsPoints” menu appears twice.


Resolve this by re-opening the Workspace customization dialog:


Highlight your Workspace and then expand the "Menus" item on the right:


In the menus you may find the unwanted menu. 

You may also see a menu item that is labelled as “Unresolved."    

In both cases you can right click on the item and “Remove from Workspace.”


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