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Legacy Pointcloud Movies

Point Cloud Movies for Pointcloud CAD 2010 and MicroSurvey CAD Ultimate 2015 and Older


Point Cloud Open

Pan and Zoom Controls

Generate Data Points

Generate Linework

View Options

Cutting Cubes

Profile Slices

Reference Planes

Generate Surface from Point Cloud

Grid Survey - Generate Bare Earth Points

Conversion Utility

Merge Point Cloud Files

Convert PTS to PCI

Draw and Viewing Shortcuts

Automatic Road Line Extraction (Parking Lot)

Automatic Road Line Extration (Highway)

FARO Conversion Utility

NOTE: MicroSurvey CAD 2016 and newer offer more advanced pointcloud tools. These movies are provided for reference for owners of older editions of MicroSurvey's pointcloud tools.

Learn about the current edition of MicroSurvey's pointcloud suite at this link.

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