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Missing data from Jobxml files

A user reported a case to us recently in which data from a very large job was not available when he used the Jobxml converter to convert data exported from a Spectra Precision controller. He was expecting to see the data from several days of fieldwork involving GPS and Total Stations, and most of the total station data was missing.

Upon deep investigation of the Jobxml file he found that most of the conventional data was available, but that the records were marked as deleted as in the screenshot below:

The field crew and Spectra Precision support were consulted. Apparently a transformation had been performed in the field and this had triggered a feature that marked the transformed point as deleted before it was to be moved. But the newly calculated point was not created in the point records, we speculated it was because of the size of the dataset.

Fortunately, the missing point records are not important when using STAR*NET because STAR*NET works directly with observations rather than field calculated point values. So the customer was able to resolve the issue by:

1. Opening the jxl file in Notepad ++ (any text editor will do)

2. performing a search and replace to replace every instance of:




3. after that they were able to convert the data and see all missing observations.

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