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Registered MSCAD 2005 or Mapscenes 2006 resets to Demo Mode or asks for Second Configuration Password

This situation may come up if you have Mapscenes 2006 or MSCAD 2005 installed on a laptop with wireless communication or if your system's configuration has somehow been changed.

The license utility checks at startup to see if it is still installed in the computer it was registered for. It will do this by checking items such as serial numbers for the motherboard and hard drive, and at any networks the system is connected to. If the license utility detects any changes it will do one of the following two things:

1. If there has been a major change it will conclude that someone has made a copy of the license file and transferred it to another computer. Mapscenes or MSCAD will open in demo mode to give the owner a chance to fix the problem. You may be able to reconfigure your system so that it is the same as when MSCAD or Mapscenes was registered and rerun the program. If you are unable to retain this old configuration you will need to generate a registration form from Help -> Product Registration -> Create Registration Form to FAX or Email when you are in the new configuration and send it to Microsurvey with a description of the situation. We will get back in touch and help you resolve the situation.

2. If there has been a minor change Mapscenes or MSCAD will prompt you to obtain a password for a second configuration. This is usually triggered by a change in a network the system is connected to. This frequently occurs with laptops because they can log in to any number of wireless networks when you are out of the office. You can resolve the problem by generating a registration form from Help->Product Registration-> Create registration Form to FAX or email while your computer is connected to the new network and sending it to MicroSurvey with a brief explanation. We will send you a second password that will allow your application to run while connected to that network. MSCAD or Mapscenes will remember the password. To ensure that you are never stuck because of a network problem with a laptop you can turn off your wi-fi antenna and create a registration form while in that configuration. That way, if you are prompted for another password when you are unable to contact us you can simply turn off the antenna and rerun your program.

If you need to move Mapscenes 2006 or MSCAD 2005 to a new computer you can follow the license transfer procedure described in the links below:

Click Here for Mapscenes 2006
Click Here for MSCAD 2005

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