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STAR*CARLSON Converter Log File states: ERROR [Line: X] Reading Set has no previous Occupy Record.

When the STAR*CARLSON converter tries to read a record from a RW5 file that it has trouble interpreting you can get a number of error messages, depending on the context. Error messages are recorded in the convertor log. In this example the error message quoted is caused by a lack of an OC line in the rw5 file.

ERROR [Line: 16] Reading Set has no previous Occupy Record.
BD,OP234,FP233,AR0.0000,ZE87.0845,SD351.689,--CP- TBAR

We have found that this is caused by the way the line is written in the rw5 file. If you notice in the example below, instead of having an OC line, it has an --PT line.

The solution found to work in this example was to do a little bit of editing in the RW5 file using a text editor application. Note: an application that shows line numbers when editing makes the job easier and a free download example is NotePad++ available from: Notepad++ 7.5.8 You can easily change these records in notepad by replacing all instances of --PT with OC

And here you can see how those records have been changed:

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