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Tracker Keypad / Keyboard Malfunctions

If the keys on your Tracker or Tracker Xtreme do not respond with the correct functions you may need to reassign the keyboard inputs.

Older Tracker or Newer Tracker or Tracker Xtreme

If you have a new Tracker, new Tracker Xtreme, or an earlier version of a Tracker with the ESC key in the lower right hand corner you may have installed a keyboard mapping file when you don't need one.

  1. Open Windows Explorer from your Start->Programs menu
  2. Delete the file A_MSURVEY.rmt from the Windows directory and from the SYSTEMCF. If you have FieldGenius 2007 you will also need to delete the file from the MicroSurvey FieldGenius/Programs Directory on your System CF.‚ 
  3. Perform a Warm Boot from the Start Button to complete the operation.

Tracker IP 65 or Xtreme

If you have a Tracker or newer Tracker Xtreme you need to go here:

Tracker Xtreme Click Here

Newer Tracker Click Here

Choose files or drag and drop files
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