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Establishing a Bluetooth PAN connection between FieldGenius and a Geomax Zenith25 Pro GNSS

A PAN (Personal Area Network) connection is used when connecting connecting the tablet version FieldGenius to a Geomax Zenith 25 Pro (or Zenith 15) GNSS. This guide explains how to establish a PAN connection using Windows 10 and FieldGenius installed on a Getac tablet.

Note, this only applies if data collector internet (SIM card in the data collector) is being used to receive the corrections from the corrections service. If the SIM card is installed into the GNSS reciever this method is not required.

Step 1 - Right click on the Windows Bluetooth Icon in the Task Tray. Choose Show Bluetooth Devices.

Step 2 - Select the Zenith25 from the Bluetooth Devices list and choose Pair.

Step 3 - Scroll to the bottom of the page and open More Bluetooth Options to open the Bluetooth Settings Menu. Switch to the COM Ports tab take note of the Outgoing COM Port number. It there are more than one Outgoing Ports pick the smallest of those listed. You will need the later when we connect using FieldGenius. Click Ok.

Step 4 - In the Settings window choose Connected Devices from the options on the left, then pick Devices and Printers. You can also open this Window from the Control Panel

Step 5 - In the Devices and Printers window find the Zenth25 Bluetooth Device (matching the name in Step 2). Right click and choose Connect using > Ad hoc network.

Step 6 - A small window should display Connection successful.

Step 7 - Open the Windows Control Panel (Can be found from the Window Start Menu or searching in the Device and Printers window in the previous step). Choose Network and Sharing Center.

Step 8 - Under active networks choose Bluetooth Network Connection.

Step 9 - Choose Properties.

Step 10 - Select the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) then pick Properties.

Step 11 - Select Use the following IP addresses and enter the IP address, and under the Subnet mask.

Step 12 - Open FieldGenius. FieldGenius 9.0 was used in this example.

Step 12 - After opening or starting a new project you will enter the Instrument Selection menu. Choose GNSS Rover > Add, to create a profile for the Zenith 25.

Step 13 - Select the newly created Profile and choose Edit.

Step 14 - Pick Model and Communication and modify the settings to match below. Note the COM Port from Step 3 must be selected. Click Connect

Step 15 - The Link Configure menu will open. Set the Link Device to Data Collector Internet then choose Setup.

Step 16 - Enter the Ntrip Settings for your Corrections Service. Choose OK.

Step 17 - Click Connect.

Step 18 - You will be prompted to choose Request Sourcetable.

Step 19 - Select a desired Mountpoint from the Sourcetable. Pick Select.

Step 20 - A loading bar will appear. Watch for any error messages.

Step 21 - Once connected the Map Screen will open and you should be receiving corrections. The setup has been completed successfully.

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