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Error -- Geoid Grid Files Too Small to Contain Stations

When adjusting a new project that uses a geoid you may see the error message:


"Error -- Geoid Grid Files Too Small to Contain Stations"


This error may mean that your coordinates are being computed correctly but that the geoid file is not the correct one for your region.


But more often it points to XY coordinates being incorrectly computed for your region.


Take these steps to confirm if this is the issue:

Open Options | Project Options
Switch to the modeling tab
Uncheck the option to perform Geoid modeling
Switch to the "Other Files" tab
Check on the option "Create Geodetic Position (POS) File"
Run your adjustment again
If it runs now (note that the elevations won't be correct yet)
...On the output panel, look for the "Lat/Longs" tab
View your lat/longs

When there are problems with the coordinate system, STAR*NET will output zeroes for all lat/long points.

If you see zeroes this could point to a problem with the coordinate system that is defined in the "Adjustment" tab of the program options. These can include:

1. A user defined coordinate system is incorrectly defined
2. Selected options for coordinate system such as the "coordinate order" property or "longitude sign convention" do not match with your coordinate or lat/long inputs
3. (A very common occurrence) your coordinate system is dependent on a gridshift file and it is missing.  See here for help with this.

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