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STAR*DNA Log File states: WARNING <Line: X> Unknown data line record type; record ignored.

Leica DNA automatic levels store their data in gsi files. The STAR*DNA converter can be used to convert these files to STAR*NET dat format files.

It is possible to store erroneous or incomplete data in the gsi file, and these can cause error or warning messages to appear when running the converter.

Below is an example:

The Warning log above was generated when the gsi file shown below was converted. The problematic section is highlighted:

In this case, the STAR*DNA converter can handle the issue and the problematic section is ignored during the import. However, it is possible to change the gsi file so that the section is not read during the import. To do this, simply open the gsi file in notepad and add the .data off line above the problematic section. Below is an image of the resulted change:

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