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MicroSurvey FieldGenius Download Page

MicroSurvey FieldGenius

All Languages - June 28, 2019


All FieldGenius installations will allow you to run the program in evaluation mode. A License upgrade is required if you own FieldGenius 9 or older without a maintenance plan, or your license has a maintenance expiry date prior to August 9, 2018.

A Software Serial Number (SSN) or Globally Unique ID (GUID) is issued when you purchase the software. Online registration is available to register your device with your SSN/GUID. Please pick here to go to our Licensing Instructions page and learn how to license your software.

Release Notes and Manual

Settings and Saved Instrument Profiles

  • FieldGenius stores program settings in a INI file: MSurvey.ini
  • FieldGenius stores Target Offsets, Bluetooth Device Info, and Instrument Profiles in a XML file: Settings.xml
  • A fresh installation of FieldGenius is highly recommended.


Step 1: Download FieldGenius and save it to your desktop or tablet computer

Devices Installation Windows Tablet/PC Total Station Onboard Leica Captivate Series
  • Windows Mobile Handheld
  • Windows CE Handheld
  • Windows (x86 or x64) Tablets and Desktops
  • WinCE based Total Stations
  • Leica / GeoMax / South / Sanding
  • CS20 Data Collectors
  • TS16 / TS60 / MS60 Onboards

Devices Installation EXE * Tablet Installation EXE Onboard Installation EXE *  
Windows Mobile CAB **
Winmate S430T2 CAB **
Leica CS10 / CS15 CAB **
Hi-Target Qmini CAB **
  TS15 / MS50 / Zoom90 CAB **
iCON 60 series CAB **
NTS-370R10 / STS-770 CAB **
Zipp20 CAB **
CS 20 CAB **
TS16 / TS60 / MS60 Onboards CAB **
* Requires Windows Mobile Device Center application, see Step 2
** Does not require Windows Mobile Device Center application, skip to Step 3

Step 2: Install Windows Mobile Device Center

Skip to step 3 if you plan to install Tablet/PC or CAB file directly

In order to install FieldGenius onto your hand-held data collector, you must have Windows Mobile Device Center (for Windows Vista/7/8/10) installed on your computer. Click here to download from Microsoft.

Step 3: Run the installation on your Tablet/PC or device

Follow the prompts to run the installation. Click here for more information about your particular device.

  • Devices Installation or Onboard Installation - The installs will prompt you to connect to your device through ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center and install the software.
  • Tablet Installation - Supports all Windows 7/8/10 operating systems.
  • CAB File Installation - Copy the *.cab file onto the device using a memory card or cable. Double click the copied *.cab file on the device to finish the installation.

Step 4: Install MicroSurvey Transfer or MicroSurvey Data Exchange

Use MicroSurvey Transfer to manage data transfer for MicroSurvey and MapScenes CAD Products if your device has a USB port and uses a mobile operating system. This is not required if you use an SD card or USB storage device for data transfer. MicroSurvey Data Exchange is a free dwg viewer and Import/Export utility that is a perfect companion for MicroSurvey data collection software.
Download MicroSurvey Transfer
Download MSDX

Step 5: Download any required support files or utilities:

If you will be using FieldGenius to run GNSS equipment, you may need to download additional files:

If you will be using FieldGenius to collect GIS Attributes, you may need to download the Feature List Editor utility. This utility is included with the Windows Tablet/PC version of FieldGenius only.

Click Here for movies showing how to define features and use a feature file for GIS data collection.

Step 6: HAVE FUN!!!

Choose files or drag and drop files
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