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Option File Error

In STAR*NET, when opening some projects, you may get this error message when trying to change the Project Options:

This may be caused by either opening an older STAR*NET project in a newer version (or vise-versa) or due to an issue with the Company Options file itself.

There are a few solutions to this issue, it is recommended they are done in order:

1 - Open the Company Options first. If you are able to, tab between the various menus and in the Adjustment tab, switch to the Grid for the Coordinate System and open the coordinate system list. Then you can switch it back to its original state. Sometimes this causes a refresh on the options, then allowing the Project Options to work. This can be caused by changes in menu options from different versions or new coordinate systems added.

2 - Reset your Company Options file. To do this, close STAR*NET and go to this location:


Can't see the Program Data folder? See the View Ribbon in Windows Explorer and check the box next to "Hidden Items"
Instructions to view hidden folders:

In there, you will find a Company.def and a Company.bak (backup) file. Delete the Company.def file and relaunch STAR*NET. If you still have issues, then close STAR*NET and delete both the Company.def and the Company.bak files.

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