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Addressing Error Message "This traverse has no setups in the raw file. Unable to process traverse..."

If you attempt to calculate a closure or compute a traverse that is missing the critical "Traverse" records for every setup you may see this message:

This can appear if your traverse consists only of GPS shots, but it will still populate the drawing with field calculated points.  If you need to adjust GPS baselines you will want to use STAR*NET.

But in most cases we are asked about this message when a total station traverse is in place, and there are two important steps that need to be taken:

1. You must re-coordinate the traverse at least once during your work session before requesting a closure or related traverse operation.  In the Active Traverse editor select Edit | Recoordinate Traverse"

2. If you have done so, you may find that the Occupation records in your traverse file that you want to have treated as the main traverse loop are listed as "Occupied points" rather than "Station Points"

Occupied points are described as follows in the Help documents:
"MicroSurvey CAD also has the ability to process a "Loose Leg" traverse. The setups that are not on the main traverse loop need to be entered as "Occupy Points" instead of "Setup Points". These points will be reprocessed correctly when the traverse is coordinate. The program will also re-compute these points when you perform an angle balance or a traverse balance. "
See below for an example of how "Station" and "Occupied Pt" records differ:

This issue is simple to address.  If you have occupation records that are shown as "Occupied Points" rather than "Traverse" records  you should select the row containing the traverse values by picking the grey bar on the left, right click, and select "Convert Traverse <-> Occupy."  Do this for every point that you want considered as a main part of the loop.  Repeat the operation if you need to undo this change on any line.

Once this is done perform another re-coordination and then perform a traverse closure.  If your traverse has reasonable closure values, it indicates you have configured the records properly.  For further information on this topic please review the help topic entitled "Re-Coordinate Traverse."

See this online video for an example of how this setting is used.

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