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Release Notes History

Please find release notes for all releases of FieldGenius for Android linked to below.

Visit the Supported Hardware page for a listing of all supported GNSS Devices.

Visit the Supported Total Station page for a listing of all supported Total Stations.

Visit the Demo Download page or log in to your Solo account to install the most current release.  Service Pack

November 28, 2023 

This iteration focused primarily on workflow and stability improvements, as well as enhancement of our application's overall performance and reliability.

Please download and read attached Release Notes for detailed information. 

FGA v2.5 Release Notes Service Pack

July 5, 2023 

New Features:

GeoTiff Image Support 

Point Average Report 

FGA v2.4 Release Notes 

March 30, 2023

Major New Features:

3D Orbit

Label Optimization

KMZ Export

LandXML Export 

Audio/Video Notes

FieldGenius for Android v2.3.8 Release Notes

v2.3 Features + Benefits Service Pack 

October 12, 2022

Major New Features:

COGO Intersections 
Line Offset 
Point Averaging 
AutoMap Library 
Satellite Plot 

FieldGenius for Android v2.2.4 Service Pack 

June 14, 2022

Major New Features:

DXF Layer Support

Area Calculation


F1/F2 Sideshot

NOTE: Due to a server security update, user will need version 2.1 or newer for Geoid Catalog and Gridshift Catalog downloads to allow in-program downloads.  Manual downloads are recommended for older releases.

FieldGenius for Android v2.1.4 Service Pack 

January 25, 2022

Major New Features:

No new features. This service pack release focused on performance updates. 

FieldGenius for Android v2.0.3

October 26, 2021

Major New Features:

Conventional Total Station Support

30 point evaluation mode

Station/Offset staking 

Temporary Height 

FieldGenius for Android v2.0.2

June 7, 2021

Major New Features:

Import LandXML
Surface Staking
GNSS Offset Measure

NOTE: Version 1.8 and older projects will be upgraded to version 1.9 and will no longer be backwards compatible.  Projects will be upgraded, and a backup of the original project will be archived in  internal Storage > FieldGeinus > Archives> Migrate

FieldGenius for Android 1.9

March 3, 2021

Major New Features:

NOTE: First version that supports perpetual licenses

GIS Attribute Collection
Shapefile Import/Export
Feature Manager
Report Feedback
COGO - Pt..Pt Notation Support

FieldGenius for Android 1.8

October 30, 2020

Major New Features:

Rotate, Translate, Scale
Media Support - Pictures

FieldGenius for Android 1.7

August 14, 2020

Major New Features:

Custom Coordinate Systems
Web Map Services Access
Three Point Tilt Solution for non-IMU tilt GNSS Receivers
Project Archive and Restore
Stake whole Polyline or Polyline Segment

FieldGenius for Android 1.6

May 20, 2020

Major New Features:

"Attach as XREF" option imports the .DXF file as a background image displayed with the project data.
Select XREF CAD .DXF file elements to add to the project database.
Alphanumeric Point IDs
Tilt support for GNSS receivers using IMU tilt technology. Supported devices are:

• Leica GS18T
• CHC i90
• Stonex S900a
• Stonex S900
• South G6
FieldGenius for Android 1.5

March 6, 2020

Major New Features:

Support for DXF Curves
Support for staking DXF curves

FieldGenius for Android 1.4

January 27, 2020

Major New Features:
DXF Import and Export
Line Staking, and improved staking screens
Add support for an additional 84 instruments, total instruments now supported 164

FieldGenius for Android 1.3

November 18, 2019

Major New Features:
Local Transform
Auto-Store options
Map view performance improvements - use rasterizing point layer
Dark Mode

FieldGenius for Android 1.2

October 3, 2019

Major Features:
Small Screen Devices (phone form factor)
Create Reference Profiles
Radio Configurations for Base/Rover
Geoid Catalog
Create Stake Report
Connect to Internal GNSS of tablet

FieldGenius for Android 1.1

Choose files or drag and drop files
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