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FieldGenius Can't Launch in Full Screen Mode caused by some antivirus packages

When installed on a Windows Tablet PC, FieldGenius is designed to make the best use of screen space by displaying in "Full Screen" mode.  In most cases this is the best display mode to use as buttons are larger and map elements are easy to view.

A small number of customers have reported that this mode is no longer available.  After investigation it was discovered this occurred after an antivirus program was installed.  Users were able to launch the program in Landscape or Portrait mode.  If you are unable to launch FieldGenius in landscape or portrait mode, please contact support as there is a different solution for that symptom.

In most cases the removal of the antivirus program resolved the issue.

We have specific reports that "Trend Micro Security Agent" and "Sophos" prevented launching in full screen mode.  In the case of Sophos, an IT department reported that they needed to assign exclusions for MicroSurvey FieldGenius, and that the short path had to be used in specifying the folder locations.  See this article on how to find a short path.

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