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Program Icon is Missing from the PDA Desktop

If the shortcut to FieldGenius, Evidence Recorder, or Field Connect has gone missing from your PDA desktop, it probably DOESN'T mean your program is missing.

Here's why:

FieldGenius and Evidence Recorder are installed in a permanent location on the PDA.‚  This is often referred to as the SystemCF, C_Drive, CF Card, Disk or Storage card.  Your field data is also stored in this permanent location.‚  When the device is running it copies all necessary files into its "Working Memory."‚  The "shortcut" to any MicroSurvey products which is found on the PDA desktop will also be stored in working memory.

If the device shuts down unexpectedly or the battery becomes low, the PDA's working memory will be erased.‚  When you restart the device it will automatically copy all necessary program files back into the working memory from the permanent storage location.‚  The shortcut will not be copied, however, as it is placed there by the MicroSurvey Program the first time it is run.

Replace the shortcut by:

Open Windows Explorer or File Explorer on your PDA.‚  Browse into the permanent memory device where your MicroSurvey program is installed.‚  Browse into the folder with your MicroSurvey program's name and into the "Program" folder you find there.‚  You should find a file with the same icon as you are used to seeing on the desktop.‚  There may be two that look the same.‚  It may be named "Splash," "FieldConnect" or "EVR."‚  Any file you find with the program icon will run the MicroSurvey Program.‚  Some versions will also place the shortcut icon back on the desktop.‚  If there are two with the same icon you may need to try running the program with both files in order to put the icon back on the desktop.

If you do not succeed with these steps, you may need to tell Windows to send the file to the desktop.‚  Hold your stylus on the file name while it is highlighted or pick on the File Menu when it is highlighted and see if the "Send To" option appears.‚  Send it to the desktop.


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