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Using Object Enablers in EmbeddedCAD and InCAD 2022


Some drawings (especially those created in programs like LDD, Civil, Civil 3D, AutoCAD Architecture, etc) can contain objects that do not display when opened in other programs.  For example, surface models created in AutoCAD Civil 3D may contain special Contour entities which look fine in Civil 3D but do not appear when the drawing is opened in EmbeddCAD or InCAD.  On opening that drawing, you probably see a message about "Proxy entities" being detected.


Some programs use special objects that are not standard CAD entities to add extra functionality to specific objects drawn in that program.  Because these objects are not standard CAD entities, other programs besides the one in which they were created may not know how to display, modify, and/or interact with them.

Some programs can display some of these objects as a "Proxy Object" which provides basic display abilities, but nothing more. Some proxy objects may be viewable, while others may not be - all depending on the program they are being viewed in. AutoDesk provides a set of tools called "Object Enablers" which can add the capability to view and in some cases edit these non-standard objects outside of the specific program in which they were created. These Object Enablers can be added to both EmbeddCAD and AutoCAD(InCAD).

For Example:

Before Object Enabler:

After Object Enabler:


We are happy to announce that 2022 Object Enabler is now back working with EmbeddedCAD 2022 and InCAD 2022. (Object Enabler had stopped support after 2018 due to the change of the folder structure)

If you are using Microsurvey software (either MicroSurvey embeddedCAD or AutoCAD with MicroSurvey inCAD added), you can download and install various "Object Enablers" into your program, thereby adding these advanced object types to your program.

First, you must determine exactly which Object Enabler(s) you need.  Typically this is a simple matter of asking the engineer or client who provided you with the drawing, what program was used to create it. In most cases, Microsurvey users use Object Enablers for Civil 3D.

It is important to note that not all software manufacturers will provide object enablers, and not all applications may be able to use those object enablers.

Downloading Object Enablers

Autodesk, Inc. maintains a download page for all Object Enablers since R14, which you can access AutoCAD 2022 Downloads and you can select for the year that matches your version of EmbeddCAD or InCAD. These Object Enablers can be installed directly into your Microsurvey software.

Some customers have reported an error message has occurred during the installation:

This error can be fixed by following the steps A-required-install-component-is-missing-or-corrupted to install the patch.

The above link will take you to third party websites, which may change without notice.

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