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MicroSurvey CAD 2023 Features and Benefits

MicroSurvey CAD 2023

Release Date: August 15, 2023

MicroSurvey brings intuitive calculation tools for land surveyors to popular drafting platforms, including IntelliCAD, BricsCAD and AutoCAD.  MicroSurvey CAD 2023 runs on the Intellicad 11.1 engine which provides many enhancements, with a focus on making viewing and visualizing models easier and more effective. Intellicad 11 was a major release that included performance enhancements and new features with a focus on view and visualization productivity tools. You, our users, have been asking for even better stability and reliability in MicroSurvey CAD. We have listened—this release brings significant increases in stability and reliability to keep you productive. Now that we have the core in a stable place, future releases will contain additional features and functionality that you have been asking for.

Intellicad 11.0 and 11.1





Faster display of large geographic images and improved performance working with drawings that contain textures when using the WinGL ES graphics device.

Faster cursor response in large drawings with no selection preview.

Polyline vectorization speed has been increased.

The Quick Select command is faster by 2x in large drawings.

Navigate using the view cube

MicroSurvey CAD now uses a view cube to rotate the view to your preferred orientations, and to return to a top-down planimetric view.

Use the view cube to check the current viewing direction and switch between preset views and custom viewing directions. The view cube displays in the upper right corner of the current viewport, or a different corner that you specify in view cube settings.

PDF improvements

Allows users to export directly to a PDF using the PDF Out command, this pre-populates the windows explorer with PDF as the output format.

Add sheets easily to the Publish list using the new Add Sheets dialog box, or drag and drop files from Windows Explorer directly to the sheet list.

Now, you can Preview PDFs before printing.


In the command bar, type -TABLE to insert a table.

Use the Match Cell command to copy the properties of a source table cell and apply them to selected cells.

Insert blocks in table cells.

Arrange text and blocks relative to each other in table cells.

Use the EDITTABLECELL command to modify table cells from the command line.

Merge selected cells by row, column, or all cells.

Select multiple cells by pressing Shift + arrow keys. Select an entire row or column of a table by clicking the row or column name.

New Styles in the Explorer

In the Explorer, you can now set up styles for Multileaders, Multilines, and Visual Styles.


MS_RESCALE Improvements




MS_RESCALE retains point and line label positioning

MS_RESCALE will now read the custom positioning information for point and line labels, and resize the label according to the new scale while retaining that same offset relative to the base point. The distance between the base point and the label will be adjusted proportionally to the size of the text, this will retain the same spacing between the text and point node relative to the size of the text.

MS_RESCALE retains the specified label style

MS_RESCALE will now read the designated label style as assigned by the user for the label bearing/azimuth and distance label. When the text is rescaled, MicroSurvey CAD will redraw the label with the previously set style in the new size. If the style definition has been changed and the label style no longer exists, it will be drawn with the currently set style.

MS_RESCALE performance

We greatly reduced the processing time required for MS_RESCALE to complete its’ operation, in internal testing we are seeing a 60-80% reduction in the required time to complete.



Disable xx##xx Database Warning



Toggle the xx##xxx database warning from the system toggles

From the system toggles on the MsTools ribbon, MicroSurvey CAD users can now disable the default xx##xx database warning when points or lines are disconnected from the MicroSurvey database. The most often time for this disconnect to occur is when points and linework are copied within a drawing using the Copy command or CTRL + C and CTRL + V. Point IDs and line bearing and distance labels have an ‘xx’ prefix and suffix added to them to notify the user that these point IDs and labels will no longer dynamically update when the points or lines are modified. For our power users, this warning is more of a nuisance than helpful, so now with MicroSurvey CAD 2023 we allow the disabling of this behaviour.

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