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MicroSurvey STAR*NET v6.0.43 Update

This update fixes a roundoff error which could result in Degrees-Minutes-Seconds values (bearings, azimuths, angles, latitudes, longitudes) containing 0.x seconds to be displayed on output with 0.0 seconds instead. For example, "123-45-00.12" could be output as "123-45-00.00". Please note, this issue affected only the output of some decimal seconds values; all adjustment calculations used the correct unrounded values, and any resulting cartesian coordinates were correct.

Complete STAR*NET V6 Release Notes are available here:


The latest STAR*NET V6 installation package is available here:

Any current MicroSurvey STAR*NET user with an activated USB license key can install and run this update without having to update their key.

Anyone without a USB license key can install and run this in DEMO mode which has all the capabilities of STAR*NET-PRO but is limited to 10 stations, 100 observations and 15 GPS vectors.

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