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Toughbook Won't Run EVR or FieldGenius

The Panasonic CF-P1 Toughbook occasionally loses contact with its Storage Card.‚  If you try to run FieldGenius or Evidence Recorder you will receive an error message telling you that EVR or FieldGenius or one of its components can't be found.‚  If you use Windows Explorer or File Explorer to browse the contents of your device you will find that the Storage Card is not included in the My Device or My Computer list.

To fix this problem, you will need to find a torx socket to fit the two screws on the top left and right sides of the Toughbook and open the cover.‚  Unseat and reset the card in its socket.‚  Replace the cover.

Perform a hard reset by pressing the recessed button on the left side of the Toughbook with a stylus or other dull pointed object.‚  Try to run your MicroSurvey program now.

If you are unable to run the program because the icon is missing from the desktop, please refer to the article " Program Icon is Missing from the PDA Desktop" in the helpdesk.

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