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MicroSurvey FieldGenius 7.0

MicroSurvey Software Inc. is pleased to announce FieldGenius 7, the next generation of MicroSurvey's powerful survey data collection software. Featuring a redesigned stakout routine, easier project workflows, and enhanced connection capabilities, FieldGenius 7 contains many subtle changes that make a big difference for users.

Note that we have changed the revision part of FieldGenius to better match with the actually software version.

New Features Highlights

  • Improved Stakeout Workflow and Graphics – Significantly improved stakeout graphics and workflows. In addition to the traditional map view, you can now choose Compass view or Grid view. Different viewing directions can be selected to suit your preferences, and our new “Next Point” routine provides you with a variety of options to select next point to stake.
  • Automatic Instrument Reconnection – Users will now have the option to automatically reconnect to the previous instrument. This will happen in 3 scenarios, when application start-up, when instrument resumes from hibernation, or when device comes back in range after connection was dropped. If the ”always auto-reconnect “option is checked, the instruments will be automatically reconnected without user intervention
  • New Project Creation Workflow – Project creation workflow has been revamped. All project settings have been centralized in one location, and can be saved as default for future use. This combined with instrument reconnection allows you to create a new project and go to map view with only 2 clicks, and greatly improves work efficiency.
  • User-Defined ASCII Export – User will now have the ability to define unlimited fields and formats in our ASCII export screen.
  • Multiple Points Backsight – New Multi-Backsight routine can be utilized to combine multiple control points/directions and calculate a more accurate backsight orientation.
  • Bluetooth Device Manager – Added a new Bluetooth Device Manager to store Bluetooth devices. When switching equipment, a user do not need to perform a new search, and the profile can be transferred to other data collectors easily.
  • NTRIP Caster Manager – Users can now save all of the NTRIP settings in the caster manager, and can switch between and connect to NTRIP casters without entering the settings again. NTRIP profile file can also be copied to other devices directly.
  • GNSS Tolerance Override – Users will now have an option to store GNSS measurements even when position tolerance is exceeded. Warning icons will be displayed when storing points with inadequate status.

Other New Features

  • An option has been added to display used/free memory on the map screen for WinCE based versions.
  • “Correction Age”, “Auto Skip Measurement statistics” and “Auto Store Measurement” settings has been moved to GNSS Tolerance Profile setting screen for easier management.
  • Added support for Columbia geoid GEOCOL2004
  • Added support for Korea geoid KNGeoid2013
  • Added support for Norway geoid NN2000
  • Added support for New Zealand datum NZGD2000
  • Added support for Finland coordinate systems ERTS-TM35FIN and ETRS89-GKn (central meridians n= 19-31)


  • [F2499] – Added support for Satel SATELLINE-M3-TR3 radio on APS-3 based instruments
  • [F2483] – Added support for Telit H24 modem module


  • [F1750] – Zenith 10/20 – Added support of mixed static/kinematic raw data logging on receivers.
  • [F1750] – Zenith 10/20 – Now supports BeiDou Constellation. BDS tracking is only available with Zenith20.
  • [F2363] – Zenith 25 – Added an ability to stream NMEA messages via serial port of the receiver to a third-party device
  • [F2364] – Rinex logging can now be enabled via field controllers. BDS is only possible with RINEX 3


  • [F2407] – KTS-440 – now supports KTS-440 series of total stations


  • [F2501] – iCR60/iCB60 – Added support for iCON 60 Robot and Builder total stations
  • [F2475] – Now record covariance and baseline information in raw file
  • [F2488] – Nova MS50 - Added Full Dome scanning option in MicroSurvey Layout


  • [F2478] – Added Solution types for RTK WL Fixed, RTK L1 Fixed, and RTK Dual Fixed.
  • [F2334] – StarFire – Added ETRS89 as one of predefined transformations.
  • [F2485] – Added "Source" option in the GLONASS RTK Bias screen and RTK-X (3rd party) option in the StarFire Setup screen. (E.g. supported 3rd party manufacturers are Novatel, Trimble, JAVAD, Topcon, and Leica)


  • [F2164] – Added instrument model names to Instrument Information dialog.


  • [F1750] – G4/G5 – Added support of mixed static/kinematic raw data logging on receivers.


  • [F2412] – S82-N – Added support for S82-N GNSS receiver.
  • [F2412] – S82-2013 – Added support for the new XDL radio option in the S82-2013 GNSS receiver.
  • [F2453] – S760 – Now supports high precision S760 data collector.


  • [F2496] – Added support for Linertec Total Stations.

Defects Fixed (General)

  • [D5927] – In point database, Average button will only be active when multiple points are selected.
  • [D6051] – Cancelling staking now returns you to Stake Point screen instead of Point Toolbar.
  • [D6298] – Shortcut “Select EDM Mode” has been renamed to “Target Manager”.
  • [D6684] – Fixed an issue with NAD27 - NAD83 conversion when using VERTCON datum.
  • [D6856] – Rephrased an error message when the connection is lost between instrument and controller.
  • [D6857] – Fixed a display issue when importing certain MSCAD projects.
  • [D6929] – Fixed a Gradian unit typo in Units and Scales screen
  • [D6915] – Fixed an issue where custom raw file or automap file name were not saved under certain scenarios

Download Link

MicroSurvey FieldGenius 7 install: click here

For demonstration purposes, MicroSurvey FieldGenius 7 can be run fully-featured with 30 points per project.

For the Mobile version, please backup the following files as the setup will uninstall any previous version of FieldGenius/Layout.

  • Current software license key!
  • Any custom coordinate system files
  • MSurvey.ini file
  • Setting.xml file

Additional Online Resources

MicroSurvey FieldGenius 7 Product Page

MicroSurvey FieldGenius 7 New Feature Page & Overview Video

MicroSurvey FieldGenius 7 Full Release Notes

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