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MicroSurvey FieldGenius 7 - Service Pack 1

MicroSurvey Software Inc. is pleased to announce FieldGenius 7 Service Pack 1, the latest and highly anticipated version of MicroSurvey's powerful survey data collection software.

The first Service Pack (SP1) for FieldGenius 7 contains many defect fixes based on customer feedbacks, as well as driver supports and several exciting features. It is part of our ongoing effort to ensure continued supports for our products.

New Features

  • Video Points Scanning – Point scanning routine has been greatly improved to allow user to define complex scan areas using total station onboard cameras, and transfer/export scan data with one simple click. Full dome and manual modes are also added to easily scan large areas. Feature Walkthrough Video & Setup Guide (Available on Windows PC/Tablet plaforms)
  • Target Shortcuts improvements – You can now set keyboard shortcuts for the first 12 targets in your Target Manager. Each shortcut will set target type, EDM mode, and target height automatically.
  • Audio Feedback – Your data collector will now beep when GNSS Receiver loses RTK Fixed position
  • Added support for Poland geoid PL2011/PL2014
  • Added support for Qatar geoids

Other New Features

  • CHC
  • [F2477] – Added BDS constellation support for CHC X91+ GNSS receiver
  • [D6955] – Two additional radio protocol has been added for the internal SATEL UHF module
  • ComNav
  • [F2554] - Added support for ComNav T300 GNSS receiver
  • Kolida
  • [F2576] – Added support for Kolida K9TX GNSS receiver
  • [F2552] – Added support for Kolida K96T GNSS receiver
  • Laser Technology
  • [F2559] – Added support for TruPulse 360 Series of laser range finder
  • Pentax
  • [F1980] – Added support for Pentax G2100 GNSS receiver
  • Stonex
  • [F2408] – Drivers for Stonex GNSS receivers have been grouped as “S Series”

Defect Fixed - General

  • [D7020] – Fixed a software crash when clicking on certain types of line in map view.
  • [D7006] – Observe Again button in backsight routine will not crash the program.
  • [D7019] – Observe Again button in resection routine will not crash the program.
  • [D6997] – You will now be able to exit staking screen when "Display Point Layout Screen" option is unchecked
  • [D6997] – The program will not display a large offset when staking list is empty and “Display Point Layout Screen" option is unchecked
  • [D7005] – When users select a point using point list in the Staking Elevation routine, the program will not retrieve elevation instead of point ID.
  • [D7005] – When users select a point using map view in the Staking Elevation routine, the program will not lock up now.
  • [D7002] – You can now select a point when “Station Point” is defaulted in the Perpendicular Offset to Point routine
  • [D6986] – “ASCII Export BETA” routine has been merged into “ASCII Coordinate File Export” routine
  • [D6985] – An issue with scroll bar blocking right side of point database has been addressed
  • [D7033] – Fixed an issue where translations will cause ASCII Export routine fail to export points
  • [D7029] – Fixed a transformation issue with Swiss projections
  • [D7022] – Updated button text in Line Staking routine, to make it consistent between Landscape and Portrait mode
  • [D7004] – The program will now warn user if the total station is not properly set up before entering point scanning routine
  • [D6997] – Fixed a display issue that staking screen flashes repeatedly on larger resolution screens
  • [D6652] – “Observe Again” button in Resection routine will take you back to resection dialog instead of map view.

Defect Fixed - Device Specific

  • CHC
  • [D6955] – The duplicate UHF radio module option has been removed.
  • GeoMax
  • [D7018] – Fixed an instrument authentication issue with Juniper Mesa
  • [D7007] – The missing default prisms have been restored in the target manager
  • [D6956] – The program can now be re-launched on WinCE platform without the need to power cycle the device
  • [D6995] – Increased default time tolerance setting, the reflectorless shots can now go beyond 130m
  • NavCom
  • [D7032] – Fixed the limits of frequency range in user-defined StarFire configuration dialog
  • South
  • [D7016] – When internal GSM module resets during source table retrieval, the program will now display what has been retrieved rather than displaying an error message.

Download Link

MicroSurvey FieldGenius 7 SP1 English Install

MicroSurvey FieldGenius 7 SP1 Other Languages

For demonstration purposes, MicroSurvey FieldGenius 7 can be run fully-featured with 30 points per project.

Additional Online Resources

MicroSurvey FieldGenius 7 SP1 Video Point Scanning Feature Walkthrough Video & Setup Guide

MicroSurvey FieldGenius 7 SP1 Full Release Notes

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