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MicroSurvey FieldGenius 7.2

MicroSurvey is pleased to announce the release of FieldGenius 7.2, a major service pack to its powerful survey field data collection software.

The latest release enabled the support for RTCM v3.1+ Transformation messages. Both horizontal and vertical coordinate systems can be streamed from NTRIP casters to replace or complement any pre-define systems.

We have also made significant enhancements to the Road Manager module. Multiple LandXML files can now be loaded in the same project, alignments will now support Station Equations and display station labels, and DXF file importation now supports all types of polylines. Be sure to check out the full details from the release note below.

Last but not the least, memory optimizations for point database and DXF files have been done to improve the overall performance on Windows Mobile based systems.

It is all part of our ongoing effort to ensure continued supports for our products.

Release Notes

For the complete list of MicroSurvey FieldGenius Features and Defect fixes: Click Here

New Features

  • RTCM 3.1 Transformation Messages are now supported for both horizontal and vertical systems. To enable this, select RTCM Tranformation in the coordinate system screen.
  • Multiple LandXML files can now be loaded at the same time.
  • Station Equations on alignments are now supported in Roads Manager.
  • Label Element option has been added to roading menu for displaying station labels along alignments.
  • New DXF Entity Support – Added Lwpolyline support, improved 3dpolyline and circle.
  • Point Database and DXF Memory optimization has been completed to allow more points and DXF files to be loaded on Windows Mobile Devices.
  • Station and Offset for Active Alignment is now displayed in both Staking Results dialog and Staking Information dialog.
  • Antenna Height has been added to the measurement toolbar for convenience.
  • The Inverse result screen will now also display the calculated Vertical Direction angle.Added a new stakeout option to allow staking a point with respect to a line.
  • Several places in the stakeout window have received icon updates.
  • Start Station and Start Point for alignments have been relocated to prevent accidental editing.
  • Added leveling dialog if the instrument is out of level when starting a scan.

New Coordinate Systems and Geoids

  • Africa – Added UTM coordinate systems for Angola, Botswana, Francistown, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe
  • Canada – Added a new Canadian GNSS Systems group
  • Dominican Republic & Haiti – Added EGM08 geoid file
  • Finland – Added ETRS89-GKn and ETRS-TM35FIN coordinate systems
  • Indonesia – Added Indonisia95 TM03 coordinate system
  • Libya – Updated LGD2006 coordinate system zone names for better clarification
  • Russia – Updated GK42 and GK95 coordinate systems (currently in BETA category)
  • Russia – Added EGM08 geoid file
  • Swiss – Added Swiss geoid 2004
  • United States – Added new GNSS system groups for State Planes and UTM (NAD83 and HARN)

Hardware Specific Updates

  • Altus
    • APS-3 – Improved Beidou signal tracking
    • APS-3 – The antenna list has been updated
  • ComNav
    • T300 – Added RTCMv3BD correction format
    • T300 – Improvements to the UHF radio module
    • T300 – Added battery status indication
    • T300 – Enabled NTRIP Caster server
  • FOIF
    • A30 – Added Beidou Support and sCMRx correction format
    • RTS-350 – Fixed an issue with bubble direction in the leveling dialog
  • geo-FENNEL
    • FGS1 – Added support for FGS1 GNSS receiver
    • FTD 02 – Added support for FTD 02 Total Station
  • GeoMax
    • Zenith 25 Pro – Added support for Zenith 25 Pro GNSS receiver
    • Zenith 25 – Large source tables can now be properly loaded
  • Hi-Target
    • QStar 6 – Added support for QStar 6 data collectors
    • QStar 8 – Added support for QStar 8 data collectors
  • Handheld
    • Nautiz X8 - Added support for Nautiz X8 data collectors
  • Horizon
    • K300 – Added Data Collector Internet option through Bluetooth connection
  • Juniper
    • Archer 2 – Internal GNSS profile now shows up for all models
    • Archer 2 – GNSS satellite plot will now display properly when using internal GNSS profile
  • Kolida
    • KTS-440 – Resolved a plate angle issue when Gon unit is selected
    • K96T – Added Data Collector Internet option through Bluetooth connection
  • Leica
    • 1100 Series – The driver for 1100 series of Total Stations has been separated out into its own category
    • 1100 Series – Users are now able to define up to 3 custom target profiles
    • Nova MS50 – Can now recognize if the side cover is open
    • Nova MS50 – Now notifies to update the firmware if GeoCom scanning and video licenses are not found
    • Nova MS50 – Messages for video streaming have been added throughout the scanning workflow to provide guidance.
    • iCON robot60 - Fixed issues with power search and IR Tracking
    • General – Prism constant for User-Defined prisms will now accurate to a tenth of a millimeter
  • Linertec
    • LGP-302 Series - Added support for LGP-302 Series of WinCE onboard Total Station
  • NavCom
    • SF-3040 – Radio will be turned off during StarFire navigation to save battery power
    • SF-3040 – Baseline information show now show up in all scenarios
    • SF-3040 – Updated default frequency value for User-Defined StarFire channel to prevent error messages
    • SF-3040 – Added 30s mount point SFGNSS.30 for StarFire Over IP
  • Pentax
    • SMT888-3G Rev 3 – Added support for SMT888-3G Rev 3 GNSS receiver
    • G3100-R2 – Added support for G3100-R2 GNSS receiver
    • W-1500 Series - Added support for W-1500 Series of WinCE onboard Total Station
    • SMT888-3G – Resolved an issue with GSM modem initialization
  • Prexiso
    • G4/G5 – Provides better compatibility with firmware version 2.12+
  • Stonex
    • R2W – Fixed an issue with bubble direction in the leveling dialog
  • South
    • NTS-370R – Added support for NTS-370R Series of WinCE onboard Total Station
    • S82-2013 – Added Data Collector Internet option through Bluetooth connection
    • S86-2013 – Added Data Collector Internet option through Bluetooth connection
    • S82-N – Improved the driver for S82-N GNSS receiver
    • General – If the GNSS receiver does not support raw data logging, the dialog will not incorrectly show up if OnPoz tagging is checked

Download FieldGenius 7.2

Download MicroSurvey FieldGenius 7.2 English version: Click Here

Download MicroSurvey FieldGenius 7.2 Multi-Language versions: Click Here

For demonstration purposes, MicroSurvey FieldGenius can be run fully-feautred with 30 points per project.

Download Additional Supporting Applications

MicroSurvey Transfer (free add-on for FieldGenius users, requires Microsoft ActiveSync or Windows Mobile Device Center): Click Here

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