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MicroSurvey STAR*NET 10

MicroSurvey Software Inc. is pleased to release the next major version of their world-renowned network adjustment suite, MicroSurvey STAR*NET 10.  Users may choose between five available feature levels suited to fit their needs – Lev, Standard, Plus, Pro and Ultimate – ensuring they are getting precisely the tools they need for high quality least-squares network adjustment.

STAR*NET 10 is a FREE upgrade for all STAR*NET users with a valid Annual Maintenance Subscription.  A FREE fully-functional 10-day trial version is available to new users for demonstration purposes by requesting a demo from

What's New in STAR*NET 10

STAR*NET 10 introduces the following new and enhanced features:

  • 3D Network Plot
    A new 3D network plot is used to display adjustment results
    Semi-transparent 3D ellipsoids are now used in place of 2D error ellipses
    New preset 3D views have been added
    Holding shift and the center mouse wheel down allow a free orbit by moving the mouse
    The ability to set the view rotation point has been added
    The network plot print preview has been updated to display the 3D view
    The network plot print preview has been updated to center and extend the view to the margins
    Please refer to the Help file or Manual for more details.
  • Automatic Iterative Adjustment (Auto-Adjust)
    A new adjustment type has been added to automatically detect and remove outliers
    A new icon has been added to the ribbon, and a new option is available from the Run menu
    The default settings in the auto-adjust dialog should be optimal for most adjustments
    Increasing the maximum standard residual value or outliers removed per adjustment iteration could decrease the adjustment quality
    Increasing the maximum iterations could cause a long adjustment operation
    Click the START button to start the adjustment, and the Stop button to stop the adjustment prior to completion
    A new listing section has been added to review measurements removed
  • Automatic Sideshot Detection
    A new checkbox option has been added to the project and company settings to automatically detect M records with no redundancy and treat them as sideshot records
    Use of this option will lower the observation count and create a more accurate chi-square test because sideshots are not included in the calculation
    This option gives the ability to treat topographic (or other) observations that have been imported as M records by importers or processes that don't denote sideshots as such
  • Online Demo License Activations
    A new licensing system has been added to STAR*NET 10.0 to support online license activations. This system requires a License ID and Password to authenticate any new demo licenses, which can be obtained by contacting MicroSurvey, greatly improving the security and flexibility of the licensing system.

STAR*NET 10 fixes the following important issue:

  • Coordinates displayed in the network plot status bar were shown as N,N and not N,E

For more detailed information about these and other fixes please click here to view the Release Notes.

Download Links

Download MicroSurvey STAR*NET 10: click here

Existing MicroSurvey STAR*NET users with a valid Annual Maintenance Subscription (AMS) may need to use the USB License Manager application to update their USB License Key(s) to run this version beyond the initial 10-day trial period if they are upgrading from versions prior to STAR*NET 9.2. If your AMS has expired, please call MicroSurvey Software Inc. at 1-800-668-3312 or 1-250-707-0000 or contact your local MicroSurvey dealer to renew it.

Existing MicroSurvey STAR*NET 9.2 users must update their USB key for version 10.00.00.

For demonstration purposes, please request a demo from to receive a free 10-day fully-featured trial of STAR*NET-ULTIMATE edition. All of the conversion utilities are also unlocked during this 10-day demo period.

Additional Online Resources

MicroSurvey STAR*NET Product Website: click here

MicroSurvey STAR*NET Online Training Movies: click here

MicroSurvey STAR*NET 10 Release Notes: click here

MicroSurvey STAR*NET 10 Known Issues: click here

Additional Supporting Applications

MicroSurvey USB License Manager (included in the STAR*NET install): click here

MicroSurvey USB Network License Server (must be purchased separately): click here

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