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Unable to Retrieve Product Information, Please Contact Technical Support

MicroSurvey License Manager and Firewalls


You run the MicroSurvey License Manager and get the following error: "Unable to retrieve product information, please contact Technical Support."‚  After you press OK, the License Manager doesn't display any information.


1. Connect to a Smartphone Wi-fi Hotspot (Most Common Solution!)

If you have a laptop and smart phone with a data plan you may wish to connect the to the internet via your cell phone provider network and activate the key that way.  

2. Activate the key from a Different Network:

In the vast majority of cases this problem is resolved by activating the key from a different computer which accesses the internet a different way.  In most cases users will make arrangements to take the USB key home at night in order to do this, although accessing the internet from any computer outside of your office is all that is necessary.  Please see "Method 2" described in this article for instructions.

3. Temporarily Disable Windows Firewall in case it is causing Blockage

Another step that can be tested is to temporarily disable any firewalls that you suspect could be blocking the License Manager.  You can disable the Windows Firewall by following these steps:

  1. Click Start Menu | Settings | Control Panel or Start Menu | Control Panel
  2. In Control Panel, if you are in the "Category" view, click Security Center and then click Windows Firewall.‚  If you are in "Classic" view, simply click Windows Firewall.
  3. Click on the General Tab.
  4. Turn off the Firewall, then press OK.

Similarly, if you are on a small network you may be able to bypass your router by connecting the internet cable from your Cable or DSL modem directly into your computer's ethernet port.

Important Note: Turning off the firewall should be used at your own risk, and only if you understand the risks involved in turning it off.‚  If the License Manager is successful and the key is updated correctly, please remember to turn the Windows Firewall back on.  

4. Reconfigure your Firewall or Internet Security Settings 

If for some reason it is not possible to activate the key from a different network, you may wish to reconfigure your firewall or internet security arrangements.  This may require the services of the company IT staff or contact with your intenet service provider.  

To correct the issue you have to give special permission to the License Manager software. Please consult with your Network Administrator, or refer to your firewall documentation on how to add program exceptions, or to check for blocked programs.  The firewall may need to be configured to allow the program called "USBKeyMgr.exe" access to the internet, over TCP Port 1433.  Please refer to your manufacturer's instructions for configuring‚ your software firewall program, hardware firewall, or internet router.

The URL for the web location License Manager accesses is:  TCP Ports 1433 and 80 TCP Port 80


NOTE: Once the key is activated, you don't require the License Manager to run your software.‚  It will only be used to update the key when new service packs, or new releases are available.


Other issues?  Link directly to License Manager Troubleshooter.

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