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Curves look very rough - how to smooth them

Q) My curves and circles look very rough.‚  They are segmented instead of being smooth.‚  I have tried the VIEWRES command but no matter what I set it to it seems to reset back to the lowest values rather than maintaining the input value.‚  How can I get around this?

A) I would set the VIEWRES to 20000 to get the smoothest arcs possible.‚  We have seen that some commands will reset the viewres to it's lowest value (print is one of them), and do not have a solution as yet other than manually typing in viewres again and manually resetting it again.

To minimize the amount of typing you do, you could setup a Custom Keyboard command.‚  Example, go to the CUSTOMIZE command, pick on KEYBOARD, then chose a function key that you curently do not use - in my case I picked on F3.‚  I then set the command line to ‚ ‚  viewres;y;20000‚  ‚ and then saved and exit the customize command.‚  Now every time I press the F3 funtion key on my keyboard it automatically runs the following for me, with the values I preset.‚  This is what you will see on the command line:

: viewres
Do you want fast zooms? <Yes>: y
Enter curve display quality (range 1-20000) <20000>: 20000

This can save you lots of time by reducing the number of times you have to manually type this command out in favour of hitting the funtion key just once, as required.

Glen W. Cameron, C.E.T.

Technical Support Manager

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