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Installing USB Key Drivers

MSCAD 2008 / MapScenes 2008

Installing‚ USB Key Drivers

If your USB Key has not yet been activated using the License Manager, please refer to this article instead:‚

Once your USB Key has been activated with the License Manager, it can be used in any other computer running the same version of MSCAD 2008 or MapScenes 2008 without re-activating the license again.‚  However, the USB Key drivers must be installed on all computers that it is being used with.‚  If your USB Key has been activated (and probably works fine on another computer) but when you connect it to a second computer MSCAD/MapScenes does not recognize the key, please check the following to ensure the USB drivers are installed.

First, ensure that your copy of MSCAD or MapScenes is the same version (MSCAD 2008 Premium, Standard, or Basic - or MapScenes Pro or Capture) on both computers by checking the About screen‚ found under‚ the Help menu.‚  For example, a USB Key activated for MSCAD 2008 Premium will not work with an installed‚ copy of MSCAD 2008 Standard.‚  (Also for MapScenes only, an instructor's key will not work with a full production version and vice-versa.)

If both computers have the same version installed, then ensure that the USB drivers have been correctly installed by looking in your Device Manager.

  • Windows 2000: Click on Start | Settings | Control Panel, double-click the Systen icon, click the Hardware tab, then click the Device Manager button.
  • Windows‚ XP: Click on Start | Control Panel, double-click the Systen icon, click the Hardware tab, then click the Device Manager button.
  • Windows Vista: Click on Start | Control Panel, click the System and Maintenance link, then click the Device Manager link.

If the drivers are installed correctly,‚ then when your key is connected you should see an entry in the "Universal Serial Bus Controllers" section called "CBUSB Ver 2.0".‚  Unplug your USB Key, and this entry will disappear.‚  Then plug your key back in again and it should re-appear.

If you do see "CBUSB Ver 2.0" and there is no‚ red‚ (x)‚ or yellow (!) over the icon, then your USB Key drivers are properly installed.‚  Try running MSCAD or MapScenes again; occasionally we have seen that just looking in the Device Manager while the key is diconnected and reconnected causes it to initialize properly so that the key gets recognized and the program will start.

If you see anything else other than "CBUSB Ver 2.0", such as "USB Cryptoken", "USB Device" or "Unknown Device"‚ then the USB drivers need to be installed by one of the following options.

Option 1 - Install the MicroSurvey License Manager

The License Manager can be downloaded from our helpdesk by clicking here:

This‚ includes all of the necessary drivers for your USB Key.‚  Please note, once it is installed you do not actually need to run the License Manager to activate your key if that has already been done on another computer.‚  This is just to install the USB drivers.

Option 2 - Use the Add New Hardware Wizard to download the drivers from the Windows Update database

When you plug in the USB Key, you should see the Add New Hardware Wizard open up.‚  If it does not, then go back to your Control Panel and double-click the Add New Hardware icon.‚  The following screenshots are from Windows 2000, but the procedure will be very similar for other operating systems.

The Found New Hardware Wizard will start.

Click Next.

Select the "Search for a suitable driver for my device (recommended)" option, then click Next.

Select the "Microsoft Windows Update" option, then click Next.

Wait while the Add New Hardware Wizard searches the Windows Update database, then click Next.‚  (This may take several minutes, the Next button‚ will be greyed out while it is searching.)

Click Finish.

Now if you look in the Device Manager again, you should see "CBUSB Ver 2.0" when the USB Key is connected.

Other issues?  Link directly to License Manager Troubleshooter.

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