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Render / Animation - Display Settings Message

Render / Animation - Display Settings Message

When using the Render command in MSCAD 2008 or MapScenes Pro 2008, or the Animation command in MapScenes Capture 2008 your display‚ settings must be set to a 32 bit color depth setting.‚  If it is not set high enough, you will see the following message:

We have learned that‚ if NetMeeting is running on your computer, this color depth setting may not be read correctly by MSCAD or MapScenes,‚ causing the above message to‚ appear even if you have confirmed that‚ your Color Quality setting is already‚ correctly set to‚ 32 bit.‚  You‚ must exit from NetMeeting‚ in order for the‚ display settings to be‚ read correctly.‚  Other programs may‚ have a similar issue.

If you suspect this may be a problem on your computer, go into your Control Panel | System icon | Hardware tab | Device Manager button, and look in the Monitors section.‚  You should see the same number of‚ monitors listed‚ as you have monitors physically connected to your computer (usually 1, or 2 if you have a dual-monitor setup).‚  If you see any extra monitors that you can not account for, then this is probably the problem.‚  Try exiting from all applications that‚ you have running until the extra monitors disappear.

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