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MicroSurvey CAD 2009 to 2010 Update Guide for Windows Vista/7

  • Since MicroSurvey CAD 2008 MicroSurvey has adopted a Windows standard file structure that makes our products Vista and Windows 7 compatible.
  • This requires that users carry forward certain files in order to retain any customized settings when they install the latest version.
  • Follow this guide for step by step instructions to follow after installing the latest version of MicroSurvey CAD.
  • Administrators of large offices may wish to print out the table below and use it as an update checklist.

Pick here for some tips on configuring Windows to make the process simple

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MicroSurvey CAD 2009 to 2010 Update Chart:


Category 2009 Location 2010 Location Default File(s) Detailed Info: Done:
MicroSurvey System Defaults

C:\Users\<LoginName> \AppData\Roaming\MicroSurvey\MSCAD\2009

C:\Users\<LoginName> \AppData\Roaming\MicroSurvey\MSCAD\2010

incad.cfg More: ____
Drawing Settings C:\Program Files\MicroSurvey\MSCAD2009\templates C:\Program Files\MicroSurvey\MSCAD2010\templates icad.dwt More: ____
AutoMap C:\ProgramData\MicroSurvey\MSCAD\2009\mscad C:\ProgramData\MicroSurvey\MSCAD\2010\mscad *.csv More: ____
MicroSurvey Transfer C:\ProgramData\MicroSurvey\MSCAD\2009\SyncWizard C:\ProgramData\MicroSurvey\MSCAD\2010\SyncWizard

Upload, Download

More: ____
Toolbars See Detailed Info See Detailed Info *.mns More: ____
Print Styles C:\Users\<LoginName>\Documents\Print Styles C:\Users\<LoginName>\Documents\Print Styles *.ctb or *.stb More: ____
Modeling Settings C:\ProgramData\MicroSurvey\MSCAD\2009\qs C:\ProgramData\MicroSurvey\MSCAD\2010\qs qs.qcf More: ____
House Library C:\Program Data\MicroSurvey\MSCAD\2009\mscad\ C:\Program Data\MicroSurvey\MSCAD\2009\mscad\ DB_POLY.ASC More: ____
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