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Printstyle Files and MicroSurvey CAD

Printstyles are .ctb or .stb files that control lineweights and Ink Assignments when you print drawings

 Visit this resource to learn more about configuring Printstyles


MicroSurvey CAD accesses Printstyles that are stored in:

C:\Users\"user"\Documents\MicroSurvey\Print Styles


C:\Users\"user"\OneDrive\Documents\MicroSurvey\Print Styles

Printstyle locations do not change between releases of MicroSurveyCAD, so there are no steps to follow when migrating settings between MicroSurvey versions.

FYI, a selection of sample printstyle files that are non customizable are stored in:

C:\Program Files\MicroSurvey\MSCAD20XX\Print styles

The sample printstyles are installed with the program and copied to the Documents folder noted above when MicroSurvey is first launched

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