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MicroSurvey System Defaults

  • MicroSurvey System Defaults control the way the MicroSurvey side of your program operates.

  • They are applied every time you create a new job.

  • They are saved with the job so that any changes you make will be retained for the job, but these changes won't be applied when you start another job.

They consist of:

"General Configuration Options" or "MicroSurvey Job Defaults" in the MsTools Menu

"Preferences" or "MicroSurvey System Toggles" in the MsTools Menu

"Hot Toggles!"

Hot Toggles are the most frequently used preferences, placed for easy access.

"Labeling Defaults" in the MsAnnotate Menu

These control how MicroSurvey "Smart" labels are applied.

Update your drawing after changing these settings by opening MsPoints | Rescale complete Drawing.

Default AutoMap File

This lists the NAME of the AutoMap file that will be loaded whenever you create a new job:

Strategies for Importing/Exporting these settings:

Options available in the MsTools menu:

Simple Option:

Advanced Options:

  • To import a configuration file into your workstation, pick "Read Configuration File"
  • To create a configuration file for export to other workstations, pick "Write Configuration File"
  • To reset all of your changes since installing the program, pick "Reset to Factory Defaults"
  • To copy the settings saved with your drawing to Incad.cfg so they will be applied to new projects, pick "Save as Default Configuration"
  1. Copy any *.cfg or the default incad.cfg file between workstations or from release to release from:


    2. Or create an "exemplar" drawing with all the settings the way you would like, open this drawing and database in the installation or workstation you need to update, and pick "Save as Default Configuration."

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