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Allegro CX or CE Docking Port with Windows 7

Note: Windows Mobile Device Center must be installed in Windows 7 or Vista before the data collector can be connected with a computer.  It is a free download from Microsoft at this link.


Users who have an Allegro CE or CX and a docking port which enables USB Connection report that WMDC won`t launch when they drop the Allegro into the docking port.


Unplug the power supply from the docking port.  WMDC and MicroSurvey Transfer will launch the next time you drop the Allegro in.  A fast warm boot (hold power button for 5 seconds on the Allegro) may be necessary the first time to clear out the system. 

Be sure to decline the option to set up your device when you connect.

Reconnect the power once your data transfer is finished.

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