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Restoring Allegro MX to Factory Defaults

If your Allegro MX operating system is unstable you can try to reset things using the steps below:

  1. A simple Reset is accomplished by holding the power button down until you are prompted to reset or power off.  Pick Reset and the unit will restart itself.
  2. If you are seeing more serious problems follow these steps to Restore to Factory Defaults
    • Backup all projects and files as you will be removing your program and all files
    • Download an installation file for FieldGenius or EVR
    • Ensure your battery is 100% charged (if it isn't revise your response to the second to last step below)
    • Disconnect the Allegro from the power supply
    • Hold the Power button down until you see the prompt and pick "Reset" as in step 1
    • Immediately hold down Ctrl, Alt and Del keys
    • Hold until the green "Rugged Field PC" screen appears and then release
    • After about 5 minutes you will be prompted "Tap your screen to set up your device."
    • Follow the prompts.  Enter the battery level as 100% when prompted.
    • Reinstall your software and re-enter your settings.  If you are still experiencing problems please log a support ticket at the link below:

Submit a Support Ticket

Link to the Allegro MX User Manual (see pages 26)

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