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Printing Problems & Recommended Workflow to avoid them


Since the release of MicroSurvey CAD 10.2.0 and MapScenes 10.3.0, some users have reported problems with their specified print options not being saved. We have identified two specific symptoms (likely the same root problem) and have identified a workflow that will avoid them.

Symptom #1 - If you go to Print Setup | Properties and change some options (paper size, copy count, resolution, econo mode, etc), then immediately go back into Print Setup | Properties dialog again it does not show all of the settings you just selected.  I have noticed that some of the options do show what I previously specified (paper size) but some of the options do not (copy count, resolution, econo mode).

Symptom #2 - If you specify the Print Setup | Properties options prior to doing a Print Preview, it doesn’t use them.


Here is a recommended workflow, you should not experience any problems when printing as follows...

Start the Print command
At the top of the Print dialog, make sure the “Use Settings:” option is set to “Current Layout”.
At the top of the Print dialog, make sure the “Save Changes to Layout” option is checked on.
Press Print Setup
In the Print Setup dialog, select your printer, paper size, and orientation, then press OK (don’t press Properties).
In the Print dialog, specify all your desired options (Print Area, Scale, Print Style Table, etc) on the Scale/View and Advanced tabs.
Press Apply
Press Print Preview to see a preview of how your drawing will be printed.
Press Print Settings to return to the Print dialog (and if necessary, change any of your specified options)
Press Print Setup, then press Properties, and specify any other printer driver options as desired (copy count, resolution, econo mode, etc), press OK, then press OK again.
Press Print.

Or in more general terms: 

1. specify your printer, page size, and orientation on the Print Setup dialog;

2. specify your desired options on the Print dialog;

3. generate a print preview if desired;

4. specify other printer options on the Print Setup | Properties dialog.

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