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Downloading Online Movies

When MicroSurvey CAD version was released movies were not included in the installation file.  This will greatly reduce download times and will reduce confusion over which versions to install.

All the movies are still available to users, either online or as a single downloadable file.

With MicroSurvey CAD open go to Help | Pick the Contents Tab and then


A webpage will launch with links to all Training Movies.  This is the best way to access the training movies as the online versions will be the most up to date and will run with minimal compatibility issues.




Some users do not have access to the internet at all times, so will need to download a zipped file of all the movies following the steps below:

1. Connect with the internet

2, Open the Movies page using the steps above

3. Pick on the "Download" button shown below:

4. Select the "Save" option

5. Save the file to your Desktop

6. Be patient while it downloads

7. When the download is complete find the zipped file on your desktop and right click on it, select "Extract All..." and follow the prompts

8. When the extraction is complete, double click on the new folder named "movies-mscad-incad"

9. Browse into the folder and double click on either incad.htm or mscad.htm, depending on the version of your program:

10. Now you will see the movies page in your internet browser.  To save time in the future add this page to your favourites:


11. Serve your movie popcorn with butter, although some Canadian users will prefer maple syrup.

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