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Allegro Touchscreen Unresponsive

Issue: Sometimes we hear from customers whose Allegro MX, CE or CX will start up just fine but the the touchscreen does not respond to the stylus at all.  They are forced to use the arrow keys to operate the device.

Solution: This has likely happened because they performed a system reset, pulled the battery or had the battery die so that when they start up the device they are prompted to recalibrate the touchscreen.  Once the routine is complete the user is prompted to hit Enter to accept the settings or Escape to ignore them.  If the user hits Escape the touchscreen will no longer respond. 

You may be able to use a combination of Arrow keys, the Windows button and Enter key to navigate into Settings | Screen | Callibrate touchscreen.  Or it may be necessary to pull the battery to force the system to present you with the touchscreen callibration routine again.

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