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World Grid Shift Files


When projecting a dataset between two different datums, a transformation is required. Both equation-based and grid-based transformation methods are supported by MicroSurvey products. An equation-based transformation can use either a 3-parameter (dX, dY, dZ) or a 7-parameter transformation (dX, dY, dZ, rX, rY, rZ, ds) to translate between coordinates. A grid-based transformation uses binary files and interpolations that calculate the differences between the two geographic coordinate systems.

Mapping Folder Paths

The table below indicates the path to the Mapping folder where the contents of the ZIP files will be extracted..

Product Operating System Location
MicroSurvey CAD (similar for inCAD, embeddedCAD, etc.) Windows Vista or later C:\ProgramData\MicroSurvey\MSCAD\yyyy\mscad\Mapping\
FieldGenius (similar for EVR and Layout) Windows Vista or later C:\ProgramData\MicroSurvey\FieldGenius\yyyy\Mapping\
FieldGenius (similar for EVR and Layout) Win CE or Mobile (Path may vary)\MicroSurvey FieldGenius\Programs\Mapping\
FieldGenius for Android Android 6.0+ \\Internal Storage\FieldGenius\Mapping
(Verson 2.0 and newer can use the Gridshift Library within the program)
STAR*NET Windows Vista or later C:\ProgramData\MicroSurvey\StarNet\V?\Mapping\

The mobile products will only display certain coordinate systems once the required files are present in the Mapping folder.


Each ZIP file contains applicable files and instructions on where to copy the files. Please contact MicroSurvey if you require support for additional transformations.

Country Transformation(s) Coordinate System(s) File Downloads
Australia AGD66 <-> AGD94
AGD84 <-> AGD94
GDA94 <-> GDA2020
AMG66 Zones
AMG84 Zones
MGA94(GDA2020/GSB/Conf&Dist) Zones
Bahrain ETRS89 <-> Bahfield Bahrain
Belgium BD72 <-> ETRS89 Belgium - Lambert 1972
Canada NAD27 <-> ATS77
ATS77 <-> NAD83(CSRS)
NAD27 <-> NAD83 (NTv2)
NAD27 <-> NAD83(CSRS)
NAD83 <-> NAD83(CSRS)
ATS77 Zones
NAD27 Zones
NAD83(CSRS) Zones
Canada Gridshifts and Regional Options
NOTE: Access to gridshift files varies by province and territory
Czech Republic ETRS89 <-> JTSK var1
ETRF2000 <-> JTSK var2
Czech Republic S-JTSK(v1701)
Czech Republic S-JTSK(v1202)
Germany DHDN <-> ETRS89 DHDN Zones
For use with FieldGenius or newer
HTRS07-HGRS87 (Kastelorizo)
HGRS87-TM87 (Kastelorizo)
Hungary EOVA <-> ETRS89 HU-EOV72
Ireland Irish National Grid <-> ETRS89
OSGB36 <-> ETRS89
Japan Tokyo <-> JGD2K Tokyo Zones
Montenegro N/A Montenegro Zone 6
Montenegro Zone 7
Netherlands RD/NAP <-> ETRS89 Netherlands RDNAP2008/2018
New Zealand NZGD1949 <-> NZGD2000 NZGD1949-NZMG
NZGD49 Zones
Romania Romania Stereo 30 <-> WGS84
Romania Stereo 70 <-> WGS84
Slovakia - New
For use with FieldGenius 9 or newer
JTSK03 <-> JTSK2013 Slovak JTSK2013
Slovakia - Old
For use with FieldGenius 8 or older, MSCAD 2016 or older, STAR*NET 8 or older
United Kingdom - New
For use with FieldGenius 9, STAR*NET 9.2, MSCAD 2020 or newer
United Kingdom - Old
For use with FieldGenius 8 or older, MSCAD 2019 or older, STAR*NET 9.1 or older
OSGB36 <-> ETRS89 OSGB-GPS-2002
United States of America NAD27 <-> NAD83 (NADCON)
NAD83 <-> NAD83(HARN)
NAD27 Zones
HARN Zones

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