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Errors that Prevent installation of embeddedCad

When installing MicroSurvey EmbeddedCAD 20XX and running the application for the first time you receive one of two possible error messages:

"License File Not Found"


"Cannot continue, MicroSurvey embeddedCAD 20XX engine core not found"

This message is showing that only the part of EmbeddedCAD was installed.  During the install there are several dialog boxes that appear and sometimes it seems that nothing is happening and users cancel one or more of these dialog boxes.  This results in an incomplete installation.

There are two ways to resolve with this issue:

1.  In a Windows Explorer navigate to C:\MicroSurvey\embeddedCAD20XXcache\AdvancedInstaller\media\ and run the embeddedcad20XXsupport-enu.exe file giving the program time to complete the full installation.  It is always good practice the first time you launch the application to right click the launcher and "Run As Administrator".  Thereafter, you can launch the program normally.

2.  Alternatively, users can remove the application completely from within the Control Panel, reboot the system to update the Windows Registry and run the installer again. Note: allow sufficient time for the installer to complete, namely the dialog boxes to complete on their own:

-Hit the Windows Key and type "Add or Remove Programs"

-Hit enter.  This will open the Apps and Features dialog

-Search for or find "embeddedCAD20XX" and select Uninstall and follow the instructions.  Also, select and remove "embeddedCAD20XX Support Files" using the same method. Reboot the computer to update the registry and then re-run the installer allowing sufficient time for the install to complete.

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