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embeddedCAD Installation error "Cannot Continue. MicroSurvey embeddedCAD engine core not found."

If you are installing or running embeddedCAD and you see the error message below:

This indicates that your installation was not completed.  There are a number of possible causes:

1. During the installation process the DOS window that opens was closed.  The installation script has not had time to complete

2. There may have been a problem with the system requirements that prevented the AutoCAD OEM component of the product from successfully installing

3. You may have attempted to install a version of embeddedCAD that is unsupported by your operating system.  For example, you may be installing a 32 bit version of a 64 bit computer


There are two ways to fix this:


1. Restart your computer, and then install or reinstall the correct version of embeddedCAD

2. Or to save time, you can install just the AutoCAD component by opening:

C:\MicroSurvey\embeddedCAD20**cache\OEMInstallerWizard\(x64 or x86)\setup.exe


Running the executable will install just the autoCAD component.

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