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MSCAD 2005 in Windows 98, ME or 2000

MSCAD 2005 may work on a system using the Windows 98, ME or 2000 operating systems. But many users have reported error messages when trying to save drawings and closing the program. There are soome things you can try. While these tricks do work for some customers, others have had to upgrade to a newer version of Windows. Unfortunately Windows98 and MSCAD2005 just do not work well together. 1) On the project manager, create a new project. If this works properly, then you can go back to the project manager and will be able now to open up any other existing projects. 2) If the above does not work, then press cancel on the project manager. Type the command BASEFILE and set it to "." for none. Then exit MSCAD and relaunch it, and you should now be able to open your projects. 3) If the above does not work, then exit MSCAD, and rename the file C:\Program Files\MicroSurvey\MSCAD2005\Support\icad.dwt to anything else such as icad-backup.dwt. Then re-start MSCAD and you may now be able to open your projects. 4) Upgrading your operating system to a more recent version of windows such as Windows XP Home will take care of it.

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