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I get drawings from my customers that have the old Softdesk or new LDD point blocks in them. Can I make use of these?

We can now read the Softdesk Point blocks found inside of AutoCAD DWG and DXF files. Simply open the DWG or DXF file via the MicroSurvey Project Manager, and then go to the MicroSurvey Menu -> Other Program Ties -> LDD / Softdesk / DCA Points -> Import Points. This allows us to scan the job and find the points blocks created in Softdesk/LDD, and then build our Survey Database from those point blocks. This means we can now use the same point numbers and descriptions as were used in Softdesk/LDD without requiring you to import an ASCII file. We have the same options for Carlson and Eagle Point, point blocks. We can also create the point blocks to send back to those programs prior to running the saveas command creating the job in a DXF or DWG format.

A more detailed article on this topic has been added in the knowledgebase at this link

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