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DC4 does not show a Device ID

Note: this article applies to devices named Scepter and DC4

Occasionally users report that their newly arrived DC4 can run FieldGenius or Evidence recorder in Demo mode but that they are unable to see a device ID in the "About" screen. They are unable to register their DC4 using the GUID that was shipped with their new data collector.

This can also occur when a "Clean Boot" has been performed and all data and programs removed.

Follow these steps to resolve the issue:

1. Download the file linked to below and save it

2. Right click and unzip the file

3. Close FieldGenius, Layout or Evidence Recorder on your data collector and then connect it to your computer using the USB cable just as you would if you were transferring data. Close MicroSurvey Transfer if it opens.
4. Copy the dll file you unzipped into your DC4 using Windows Mobile Device Center or Microsoft Activesync.
It goes in the Windows folder

Run your software and you should now see a Device ID.

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