MicroSurvey Point Prep 2013 Release Notes
Posted by Brian Sloman on 26 April 2022 11:30 AM

Release History

v13.0.0 - October 30, 2012

Important Notes

Activating or Updating your USB License Key

If you are licensing MicroSurvey Point Prep for the first time you will need to activate your new USB License Key using the USB License Manager program on a computer with internet access.

A copy of the USB License Manager program is automatically installed with MicroSurvey Point Prep, or it can be downloaded from our online Helpdesk system and installed separately onto another computer which has internet access.

Please refer to the following topic for detailed instructions about activating or updating your key.

You might not be required to update your USB key to run certain MicroSurvey Point Prep service pack updates. For a detailed explanation of MicroSurvey's Maintenance Subscription Support Plan (MSSP) program, and how we use product version numbers and USB keys, you can can refer to the following online article.

If your Maintenance Subscription has not yet expired, you can use the USB License Manager to update your key to work with the most current version. You can confirm the expiry date for the MSSP by going to the About screen found in the Help menu. Each USB License Key has its own maintenance subscription plan, so if you have multiple keys it is possible that they may each have a different expiry date.

If your MSSP has expired, you can phone us at 1-800-668-3312 or 1-250-707-0000 to renew it. Without a current maintenance subscription plan, you will not be able to update your key to work with the new version.

MicroSurvey Transfer Program for Layout or FieldGenius Users

MicroSurvey Layout and FieldGenius users can use the installed MicroSurvey Transfer program to simplify the process of transferring Layout or FieldGenius projects between your data collector and your PC.

If you have a copy of MicroSurvey Transfer already installed from use with another MicroSurvey product, it may not recognize MicroSurvey Point Prep 2013. Previous versions of MicroSurvey Transfer will not show MicroSurvey Point Prep 2013 as a sync option in the Options screen.

Note: A copy of Microsoft ActiveSyn (for Windows XP or earlier) or Windows Mobile Device Center (for Windows Vista or newer) must be installed before MicroSurvey Transfer can be used. Both can be downloaded free from Microsoft.

MicroSurvey License Server for Network License Users

Users who have purchased a network license will need to install a copy of the MicroSurvey Network License software.

If you have purchased a Network License and are setting it up for the first time, you can download the Network License Server application from our online Helpdesk system.

The MicroSurvey Network License Server program has not changed since the release of MicroSurvey CAD 2008 v8.0.0. This is only necessary for users who are setting up a MicroSurvey network license for the first time.

Note: You will be required to enter a password in order to install the Network License Server.

System Requirements

MicroSurvey Point Prep 2013 is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, and Windows 7 SP1. It does not have any hardware requirements above and beyond what is required by your version of Microsoft Windows.

MicroSurvey Point Prep 2013 does not have any hardware requirements above and beyond what is required by your version of Microsoft Windows.

Windows Notes

Run as Administrator

If installing on Windows Vista or Windows 7 you must run the program at least once elevated with "As Admininstrator" access, even if you are already logged in with an "Administrator" account on the computer.

After this is done, it can be run by any user on the computer, including those who don't have administrative accounts.

To accomplish this, once the program is finished installing do the following:

  1. Right click on the MicroSurvey Point Prep 2013 icon.
  2. Choose "Run as administrator".
  3. Select "Yes" on the "User Account Control" dialog when prompted to allow the program to make changes to your computer.

What's This? Help

If you wish to use the What's This? Help feature under Windows Vista or newer, you may need to download and install an update from Microsoft. Please refer to the following Microsoft Knowledge Base article for more information.

Please note that the main Help files will work without this update.

Online Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

For a list of Frequently Asked Questions and Tips for New Users, please visit the MicroSurvey Point Prep 2013 Frequently Asked Questions topic in our online helpdesk.

Known Issues

For a list of known issues please visit the MicroSurvey Point Prep 2013 Known Issues topic in our online helpdesk.

Training Movies

For over 16 hours of training movies that you can watch online or download for offline viewing, please visit the Training Movies topic in our online helpdesk.

Technical Support

MicroSurvey provides free 24x7 self-support to all users via our online helpdesk at where you can find knowledgebase articles, downloads, and a troubleshooter. This is a good starting point for any problems that are now answered in your Help file and Manuals.

For technical support, please visit our helpdesk at to submit a helpdesk ticket to our technical support staff. If you do not have internet access you can phone our office at 1-800-668-3312 or 1-250-707-0000 and a ticket can be entered for you.

Technical Support is provided free of charge for 90-days following the purchase of your MicroSurvey product. Following this introductory period, additional technical support is available via your Maintenance Subscription Support Plan (MSSP).

To purchase or renew your MSSP, please phone MicroSurvey Software at 1-800-668-3312 or 1-250-707-0000 or visit our online store at

MicroSurvey Point Prep 2013 (v13.0.0) Notes

New Features

Initial product release
MicroSurvey Point Prep 2013 is a desktop application designed to perfectly complement your MicroSurvey Layout or Leica iCON data collection software. Quickly transform a drawing file into a MicroSurvey Layout or Leica iCON project, upload and download between Point Prep on your desktop computer and Layout on your data collector, and import Layout projects into an annotated Point Prep drawing to review your field measurements.
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