MapScenes Forensic CAD 2013 Frequently Asked Questions
Posted by Brian Sloman on 14 August 2013 03:27 PM

Q) With MapScenes 2010, there were seperate installation packages for MapScenes Forensic CAD, MapScenes Capture, and MapScenes Point Cloud.  How do I install the Capture or Point Cloud versions of MapScenes 2013?

A) For MapScenes 2013, we have consolidated the three previously seperate applications into one: MapScenes Forensic CAD 2013.  The 30-day demo version is fully-functional and has all of the Forensic CAD, Capture Animation, and Point Cloud capabilities.  Beyond the 30-day demo period, the Capture Animation and Point Cloud capabilities will only be available if you have licensed the optional Animation and/or Point Cloud modules.

Q) Can I upgrade my MapScenes Forensic CAD license to include the optional Animation and/or Point Cloud capabilities?

A) Yes!  Please phone your MapScenes dealer or sales representative to purchase the additional module(s).  You will then need to update your USB license key, via the installed USB License Manager utility, to reprogram it with your new modules.  You can then simply launch MapScenes Forensic CAD with your updated key and all of the licensed functionality will be available.  You do not have to uninstall or reinstall anything.

Q) With MapScenes 2010, the demo version did not include the full symbol library.  How do I install the full symbol library in MapScenes 2013?

A) For MapScenes 2013 we have consolidated the previously seperate "demo" and "full" installation packages into one, and the full symbol library (with over 7000 forensic symbols) is now always included with your MapScenes 2013 installation.  You do not have to uninstall or reinstall anything.


Q) What drawing formats does MapScenes 2013 support? Can I share my drawings with other programs?


A) MapScenes 2013 can open .dwg, .dxf, and .dwt files up to the latest AutoCAD® 2013/2014 format.  New drawings are, by default, created in the AutoCAD® 2010/2011/2012 .dwg format. You can do a "Save As" down to any dwg or dxf format from AutoCAD 2014 to AutoCAD R2.5, which was released way back in 1986.

Q) When I create points, there are two point number labels on the screen - one seems to be normal text, but the other one isn't, and I can't erase it. What's up with that, can I get rid of them?




A) One of the labels is indeed a text entity - so you can change it's layer or color, erase it, move it, etc. The other one is what we call an Independent Point Number label. It is not a CAD entity, so it can't be erased/moved/printed/etc, think of it more as a tooltip for your points, as you zoom in or out the point label will stay a readable size on your screen. To toggle the Independent Point Numbers off, you can do any of the following:

  1. Type the command IPN at your command line to toggle them on or off.
  2. Go to MsPoints | Independent Point Numbers | Independent Point Numbers (IPN) to toggle them on or off.
  3. (My favorite option!) Right click on any toolbar then turn on the toolbar called MS IPN. This toolbar has three green buttons: one with an N, one with a D, and another with an E. Then you can easily click on the N button to toggle the IPN's on or off. (The D and E buttons work the same way, but with Descriptions and Elevations).







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