Evidence Recorder 3.0 Downloads
Posted by Jason Poitras on 30 November 2006 09:53 PM

Evidence Recorder 3.0

Each of these are full installs of the complete product. Select the Windows CE device you are going to install EvR 3.0 on. The program will have a 10 point limit until it is purchased and a valid machine password is obtained from MicroSurvey.

AllegroCE 3.0
AllegroCX Monochrome
AllegroCX Color

Desktop Emulator - with Help and Manual - try this version to see how the program runs on a Windows CE device - right on your PC!

Pocket PC - iPAQ - Recon Mobile - HP2215 - Panasonic (with the start button at the top) plus other PPC devices

TDS Ranger

TDS Recon running the .net operating system

Panasonic Toughbook Running Windows CE (Start button at the bottom of the screen)

MicroSurvey Tracker

ActiveSync Support (Transfer Program)

Click here to download EVR 3.0 for Windows Mobile 5.0. The Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system is no longer compatible with our ActiveSync Support program.

A new and improved transfer program has been built to be used with our data collection software and it is called MicroSurvey Transfer. The MicroSurvey Transfer program allows you bypass creating partnerships, has an easier to use interface and allows you to force Microsoft ActiveSync to start up in guest mode. The new Transfer program is compatible with all data collectors, all versions of ActiveSync and all versions of MapScenes. Download the MicroSurvey Transfer program now.

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