MicroSurvey Data Exchange 2014 Full Install
Posted by Brian Sloman on 14 April 2015 03:26 PM

This is a full install for MicroSurvey Data Exchange 2014 (v14.0.0.675).  View the release notes here.

MicroSurvey Data Exchange (MSDX) 2014 is a free desktop application designed to perfectly complement your FieldGenius software. Quickly transform a drawing file into a FieldGenius project and upload it to your data collector, and download FieldGenius projects to your PC to review your field measurements and create an annotated drawing.


Always download installs to your computer and run the install from there, never run the install over the web.

Hash Codes:
MD5: 617e48f9e13e77860d21216c9fb3baa9
SHA1: 5edb31bfa086ead5b81da9363762ca39649054be
SHA256: 4a33ca1e70fec7fba6667bba324c8f2b2e7506da3b296b672a92acc18753e147

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