Device and Onboard Installation of FieldGenius or EVR
Posted by Chris Clemente on 12 January 2020 11:40 AM

In this article, we will go over the process of installing FieldGenius or EVR on a device using the EXE Installation file.

(Not for tablets, just Windows Mobile devices and Onboard instruments. For tablets, just run the EXE file to install.)


Step 1: Install Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) on PC

(Windows 10 does not support Windows Mobile Device Center, you may need to use a Windows operating system before Windows 10)

Click here to download from Microsoft.


Step 2: Connect your device to your PC

Once connected (mostly via cable), launch the WMDC and confirm if your device is connected.


Step 3: Run the Device Installation or Onboard Installation EXE on PC

Follow the prompts to run the installation. Click here for more information about your particular device.


Step 4: Install MicroSurvey Transfer or MicroSurvey Data Exchange

Use MicroSurvey Transfer to manage data transfer for MicroSurvey and MapScenes CAD Products if your device has a USB port and uses a mobile operating system. This is not required if you use an SD card or USB storage device for data transfer. MicroSurvey Data Exchange is a free dwg viewer and Import/Export utility that is a perfect companion for MicroSurvey data collection software.
Download MicroSurvey Transfer
Download MSDX


Step 5: Download any required support files or utilities:

If you will be using FieldGenius or EVR to run GNSS equipment, you may need to download additional files:

If you will be using FieldGenius or EVR to collect GIS Attributes, you may need to download the Feature List Editor utility. This utility is included with the Windows Tablet/PC version of FieldGenius and EVR only.

Click Here for movies showing how to define features and use a feature file for GIS data collection.

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