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February 26, 2007

Evidence Recorder Version 4.0.3. View the release notes here.

Step 1: Install MicroSurvey Transfer

Our new MicroSurvey Transfer program still uses Activesync, but we no longer install any components into the Activesync program. The old ActiveSync Support program should be un-installed because the newer version is more reliable and easier to use.

The New MicroSurvey Transfer program is designed to make file transfers with Evidence Recorder much easier than previous solutions. Install MicroSurvey Transfer before updating your Evidence Recorder.

Step 2: Install Evidence Recorder.

The installs below are single exe files that can be downloaded and executed from your desktop computer. The install will attempt to connect to your device through Activesync and install the software.

Please refer to the following document for step-by-step instructions on installing EVR 4.

MicroSurvey Tracker Xtreme

If your Tracker is red, then use this install.

Download Single EXE

IP 65 Tracker

If your Tracker is yellow, you have an IP 65 Tracker.

Download Single EXE


The Archer runs the Mobile 5.0 install.

Allegro CE

This install will work with both the Allegro CE, and the Allegro CE.Net version.

Allegro CE-Single EXE

Allegro CX

Allegro CX Mono or Color -Single EXE

** If you use the Allegro CX Color model you will need to make sure you have the 1.06 version of the OS installed.

Pocket PC

Dell/ RECON/Archer/Other Pocket PC devices)

(Panasonic Pocket PC requires a different install, use the one listed for the Panasonic Toughbook)

Download Single EXE

Windows Mobile 5.0

Download Single EXE

Panasonic Toughbook

Important Note: Older Panasonics running Windows CE 3.0 (start button at bottom) must have ROM version V1.00L21E installed to run EVR 4.0. Check the ROM version under Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> System -> Settings -> Version

Download Single EXE - old style with Windows CE and start button at the bottom of the screen.

Download Single EXE - new style with Pocket PC and start button at the top of the screen.

Symbol 8100

The Symbol 8100 runs the Pocket PC install.

Ranger Running Windows CE 3.0

Download Single EXE

Ranger Running Windows CE.NET

Download Single EXE

Ranger Running Windows Mobile 5.0

Download Single EXE


Older units have the Windows CE.NET operating system, where as new versions ship with the Pocket PC operating system.

Windows CE.Net Single EXE (Start button at the lower left corner of screen.)

Pocket PC Single EXE (Start button at the top left corner of screen.)


Evidence Recorder 4.0 Tablet PC Version
Note: This used to be referred to as the Desktop Emulator.
No Windows CE Device Required. This version will drive your Total Station or GPS equipment! Run FieldGenius on a Tablet PC and collect data in the field. Note: this version can be licensed at the same prices as the Windows CE version. It is a fully functional Laptop or Tablet PC product that allows you to hook up your computer to a total station or GPS equipment and collect data or stake out points.

Of course you can use it for training on your desktop. Supports both Landscape (Ranger, Tracker, Allegro) and Portrait displays (Pocket PC, Toughbook, Recon)

Datum Grid Editor - 110 Megabytes (now you know why you got that high speed connection!

This program is used to create a subset of the Geodetic Data files. These files are very large, so we created this utility to extract a subset. This subset is then copied onto your Data Collector in the following directory:

MicroSurvey EVR4\Programs\Mapping


Posted on: February 26, 2007


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