Can't trim my lines
Posted by Jason Poitras on 03 July 2015 03:38 PM

If you have drawn your linework in full 3D, meaning you have elevations assigned to the ends of the lines, then the 2 lines probably do not intersect so the trim command will not work. The lines must both be drawn at the same elevations. Please see our technical note about drawing 2D vs. 3D.

MSCAD2005 - you can now trim lines with different elevations.‚  You may need to set the Trim command to use the UCS or VIEW option under projection.‚  start the Trim command, pick the first line, then type in P for Projection and set it to View or UCS, as appropriate.

This may also need to be set to allow Contour Labeling to work correctly.

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Robert deVink
24 March 2019 02:10 PM
I struggled with this problem for hours. I was trimming contour lines (3D) from between front of curb and back of curb (2D), and from between front of retaining wall and back of retaining wall (2D). For quite a while this was working fine. It worked best with a crossing window selection.
But then every time I tried to select the contour segments to be trimmed the program would freeze up.
When I tried your suggestion and typed P I noticed that UCS was currently selected, so I selected View. The result was that it worked! Thank you! (I hope it continues to work.)