MapScenes 2010 Known Issues
Posted by Brian Sloman on 08 July 2015 02:24 PM

Important Note: If you ever experience a crash when using MapScenes 2010, if you are asked if you would like to send an error report to Microsoft, please always select Yes to send the report. Our programmers can use these error reports to help investigate and fix crashing problems that occur within the program, even if it is a problem that is not easily reproducible.



Date Reported: October 2, 2009


Status: Confirmed (10.2.0)


Problem: Using MapScenes running under a 64-bit edition of Windows has the following reported problems:

  • Training movies do not play. You must install a 32-bit version of Adobe Flash Player, in a 32-bit version of Internet Explorer or other web browser. This is because our .SWF movies are played using Adobe Flash Player, but a 64-bit Flash Player does not exist. The 32-bit Flash Player can be installed into 64-bit editions of Internet Explorer or Firefox but it does not work correctly. The 32-bit Flash Player can only be used reliably with 32-bit editions of Internet Explorer or Firefox, which can be installed into 32-bit or 64-bit editions of Windows. Adobe has announced plans on creating a 64-bit edition of Flash Player (for use with 64-bit editions of Internet Explorer or Firefox) in a future major release.
  • Boundary Hatches - hatch pattern previews are not displayed in the bhatch command window, but they do appear once drawn into the drawing.




Date Reported: October 2, 2009

Status: Confirmed (10.2.0)


Problem: If you paste text from your clipboard into the MTEXT dialog, nothing appears in the drawing. But, if you switch your background to white you will then see the text.


Solution: After pressing Ctrl-V to paste the text into the MTEXT dialog, press Ctrl-A to highlight All text, then set the color to white (even though it already says it is white). This will be fixed in a future update.


Date Reported: October 2, 2009

Status: Confirmed (10.2.0)


Problem: Modifications to some user paths made by opening CadTools | Options | Paths/Files are not being retained once the program restarts.


Solution: Most paths will update but some paths are not customizable.




Date Reported: October 2, 2009


Status: Confirmed (10.2.0)


Problem: After using the ROTATE3D command, the rotated entities seem to either disappear or move to an incorrect position.


Solution: Issue a REGEN to force the entities to display correctly. This is a display problem only, the ROTATE3D command does rotate the entities correctly but they are drawn to the screen incorrectly until you do a REGEN. This will be fixed in a future update.


Date Reported: October 2, 2009

Status: Confirmed (10.2.0)


Problem: When using the EXPORT command to create a PDF file, some entities are not exported. Wipeouts appear as a solid fill. Raster images appear as an outlined border only. Layout Viewports (and any entities shown through the viewport) do not appear at all.

Solution: Use a PDF virtual printer driver with the PRINT command to create your PDF files. This also gives you more control over specifying your print scale, and other options such as Print Style Tables. There are hundreds of free and commercial PDF plotters including Primo PDF Creator (free,, PDF 995 (free,, and Adobe Acrobat Writer (commercial, These EXPORT issues will be fixed in a future update, but using a PDF print driver will still give you more control over the generated PDF file anyways.


Date Reported: December 18, 2009

Status: Confirmed (MapScenes Capture 10.2.0), Fixed (10.2.1)

Problem: When importing an ASCII file, an error message:  "Error #1 setting mapping data directory" appears, and the ASCII file cannot be imported.

Solution 1: Download the file linked to here to add to your MapScenes 10.2.0 installation.  Unzip it and copy the folder and its contents into:

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\MicroSurvey\MapScenes Capture\2010\mscad
Windows Vista/7: C:\ProgramData\MicroSurvey\MapScenes Capture\2010\mscad



Solution 2: Download and install the MapScenes 2010 10.2.1 service pack.

Date Reported: July 12, 2010

Status: Confirmed (10.2.1), Fixed (10.3.0)


Problem: When using the MATERIALS command in the MapScenes 10.2.1 service pack, you will see either an error message in Windows Vista/7 or a crash in Windows XP.

Solution: This has been fixed in MapScenes 10.3.0 service pack. 

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