Drawing dissapears after zoom extents.
Posted by Jason Poitras on 08 April 2015 01:17 PM

What may have happened is that you have inadvertently moved an object to a location that is a very long way from your main drawing. The distance has cause the drawing to appear very small, so small that it appears as a dot in one corner of the screen. The simplest way to zoom back into your main drawing is to use the Zoom To A Point command in our Coordinate Point Utilities menu. This option will center the point you have chosen, in the middle of the screen with the Screen Height used to determine how close you have zoomed in to that point. Now you can try and determine what has been moved or copied out so far from the drawing, and erase it. The cross hairs may appear locked if you have the Snap command turned on and you are zoomed into a small area so that it is smaller than the snap increment. The cross hairs would remain on the edge of the drawing and would appear locked. Turn your Snap option off or use the Zoom commands to return to the previous screen.


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